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Ideological and Political Education Department

Author:   From: Ideological and Political Education Department  Date: 2015-04-09

    Ideological and Political Education Department takes high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education. The main idea is to develop the students, and offer good service to students' growth. This department is mainly in charge of making college students ideological and political education, and strengthening the counselor troop construction of the whole university. Through establishing the second class, a talented person cultivation base. To develop  professional talents, who have the world vision, Chinese feelings and the features of times. The department hosts College Show, Communication Bridge for counselors  and Role Models for Youth etc thematic education activities and daily management services. Strengthening the counselor troop construction includes counselor recruitment, ability improvement, examination & encouragement, professionals recruitment and so on. Through constructing classified development group of counselors, top teacher plan, high-quality  project construction work of counselors, themed class meeting contests, Afternoon Tea of counselors, the work plan of improving the ability of in-depth guidance and so on, this department focuses on building a reassuring, satisfying, respected and desirable counselor group in which each counselor has necessary facilities and platforms to work with a guaranteed salary and enough room for development.