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The 7th "The Stars in BUCT" Campaign Finished Successfully in Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Author:   From:   Date: 2015-04-20

    To advocate a harmonious campus culture, demonstrate our young students’ energy and make effort to shape students’ characteristic of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the 7th “The Stars in BUCT" outstanding students campaign was carried out for the entire school students in March.

    Because of the early widely publicity, all the students actively attended in the campaign, undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral students from 9 different institution. Finally, more than one hundred students submitted their application. After the qualification’s examination, the organization committee of the campaign strictly confirmed 50 candidates in five aspects including academic, self-improvement, public welfare, cultural and sports activity, outstanding social work. In the public voting period, BUCT used the “Shenggu Chaoyang” network platform and school students’ union’s “WeChat” platform to advertise candidate’s deeds and appeal all the students to vote for the candidates. In order to make students know and learn more about these outstanding candidates. At the end of primary link, a total of 12596 teachers and students attended tot his link, the cumulative votes was 112219 votes, waved a big boom in campus about the selection of the “The Stars in BUCT”.

    Live showcases held a total of four review which guest invited 10 teachers and 50 students represent as the judges, Finally judges selected  the most powerful and strong "Stars in BUCT” in strict accordance with the standard rules. 

The list of the 7th “The Stars in BUCT”

Academic Star: Sun Dianming  Xu Wei

Self-improvement Star: Song Jianjun  Wen Shuting

Public Welfare Star: Donation Group of HSC  Guo Wenmim

Cultural and Sports Activity Star: Zhou Niuxuan  Xu Yifu

Outstanding Social Work Star: Yang Fuxian  Zhai Gongtao