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Beijing University of Chemical Technology’s Original Drama " Hou Debang " is Premiered

Author:   From:   Date: 2015-04-20
    The Literature historical drama “Hou Debang” which was wrote, directed by the students of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was premiered grandly last week. Every audience was deeply infected by the story of Debang Hou conquered scientific research and helped nation through developing industrial.

    Hou Debang was a Chinese outstanding chemical expert and the founder and blazer of heavy chemical industry in China. This drama regards Mr. Hou’s great enthusiasm as the main line, the panorama reappeared his rugged and brilliant life experience of aspiring to help his motherland, studying in America, setting up factory, and rebuilt Sichuan factory, which fully reflected his love for national rejuvenation and industrial salvation, particularly the love of the world that share the benefit of all mankind.

    At the premiere ceremony, Beijing University of Chemical Technology’s headmaster Tan Tianwei and Hou Chenghuang who is Hou Debang family representative unveiled the plaque of Hou Debang Engineers Institution of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Headmaster Tan presented honorary advisor certification of Hou Debang Engineers Institution to Hou Chenghuang. In the new future, the school will also organize the tour of the drama “Debang Hou”.

    At the same time, BUCT also held a series exhibition of the original drama "Hou Debang" which named "Chemical Industry Giant Model for Eternity". Exhibition based on a lot of historical data layout, divided into four parts, which reproduced the Mr. Hou’s inspirational stories.