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Looking for The Seeds of Hope

Author:   From:   Date: 2015-04-09
    Beijing University of Chemical Technology Revision Development Counseling Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") is a set of learning advising services, studying activities and revision education curriculum guide for integrated platform. Center affiliated to the Student Affair Office, working through professional guidance and advice to help students learn to solve problems and difficulties, healthy growth and success. Center employs more than 30 experts inside or outside professor, counselor and teacher as consultants, with students awarding scholarships establish a student-centered: peer counseling groups, for all students to engage in Academic Career Planning, Career Planning, Revision Stress Coping, Learning Guidance, Study Abroad Consulting, Knowledge Difficulty Q&A altogether six counseling services. Since the establishment of the center, further strengthen revision counselors and peer helping team, build a full range of school counseling curriculum system, promote learning organization, build revision advising, studies activities and extracurricular academic activities in science and technology competitions altogether three platforms, and effectively meet the needs of students in a full range of revision development.
    Currently provides the following services:
    1.The development of individual revision counseling
    Students One-Stop Service Hall with specialized revision counseling room for students provide personal tutoring.
    2. The revision group counseling
    For general student interested revision, the center invited experts, teachers in the form of group counseling, small-scale communication and discussion, each lasting about 10-20 people.
    3. Development of revision tutoring special report
    Center invite inside or outside professor, experts and scholars to communicate with students on the laws, policies and methods of learning by seminars, which will promote more konwing between students and teachers.
    4. Revision peer helping
    Center invite a number of National Scholarship laureates as the main outstanding scholarship laureate peers, regularly carry out tutoring activities, Q & A for the students.
    5. Students revision academic development tutorials
    For Juniors, offer Students revision academic development tutorials to help students learn the system of to studying rules.
    6. Others
    Offer a variety of learning materials, “The Guide of Graduate Record Examination and Studying abroad" and organize other revision competition, academic and Special Events.
    Individual & group counseling participation: On-site registration: Students One-Stop Service Hall on the 5th information desk.
    Tell: 010-64435651
    E-mail: xueyebuct@163.com
    Weixin: xueyebuct
    Please pay attention to campus display and Weixin for more information.